Triangle Tyre company urgently organized 2500 sets of tires for assisting the quake-zone in Si Chuan

Date Published:02/06/2018   

May 15th, 2008, Triangle received the urgent news from the PLA general equipment department that the vehicle for delivering the assistant goods and rescue the victims in the quake zone is in the shortage of 1000 sets of 12.00R20 tires and 1500 sets of 10.00-20 tires and make sure that the vehicle will start the journey to the quake zone successfully on May 16th morning .Because we had not received the order in advance, and the tire in the storage is not enough to meet the needs. What should we do become a difficult question for Triangle.
At the same time, Triangle tried its best to solve all the goods difficulties:
1 The workshops firstly adjust the working schedule and stop other specification production and focus all on producing the urgent needs of Two sizes with maximum production.
2 Triangle recalls all the vehicles leaving for QingDao port loaded with the container, preparation for sending-out to international market immediately, open the box and unloads the urgent needing tires for the People's Liberation Army to send out the disaster area.
3 Triangle take back all the tires from the storage, even on the terminal shop shelf, already bought by the nearby distributors because of insufficient quantity .After the triangle group cadre and staff's joint effort, 4:00 pm on May 15th, all the tires needed by the military truck were loaded on the special relief trucks On May 16 in the morning the full loaded disaster relief urgently tire with more than 8000 Triangle person's compassion leaves for the disaster area smoothly.
In recent two years, the price of raw material for tire production is rising up continuously, NR price rise up  by 40% with the same price last year at 2900USD per ton and butyrate go up by 52%with the same price last year at 58000 Yuan per ton. Only the first four months this year the price of the raw material rise up averagely by 15%. Under the stern situation,Triangle never thinks about its own interests and does its utmost to assist the disaster area and assure the needs of relief goods. Triangle stands together with the disaster area people.


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