Low-temperature Mixing Technology of Triangle Tyre Co.

Date Published:02/06/2018   

On May 28th, 2010, the technique of “Open-mill automatic successive low-temperature mixing” of Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd passed the authentication of technology achievements held by China Petroleum and Chemistry Industry Association (CPCIA).

Conventional rubber mixing generally adopted multi-steps mixing process, with disadvantages of high energy-consumption, long cycle period and large floor coverage. Overcoming these shortages, Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd developed series and parallel mill dedicatedly automatic mixing technique, automatic mixing technique, all- cycling temperature control and so on to achieve the goal of automatic mixing of open mills. We also developed chemicals for pre-dispersion and sulfur-accelerator in pill-shape for conveyance to avoid the dust pollution in the mixing process. We developed a new serial technology of open-mill mixing and successively automated low-temperature mixing techniques.

Compared with conventional technique, new mixing technique changed from multi-steps to one-step continuous mixing with energy consumption reduced by 27% to less than 900kg standard coal each ton rubber. The quality and performance of mixed stock had a huge improvement and the productivity and the utilization rate of land was remarkably improved.

This new technique with international advanced level plays a very important role in promoting technology progress and increasing competition in international market for China rubber processing industry. It is also a great technical breakthrough for realization of energy consumption and emission reduction and low-carbon economy development, and thus is of great meaningful for China as the largest tire manufacturing country in the world.


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