Two Series of Triangle tyres Passed the SMARTWAY Verification

Date Published:02/06/2018   

On October 20, 2011, two series of Triangle tyres---Triangle TRS01 (directional wheel) and Triangle TRD01 (driving wheel) successfully passed the SMARTWAY Verification of US Environmental Protection Agency. It was proved that these two series of Triangle tyres meet the SMARTWAY requirements for rolling resistance of directional wheels and driving wheels, and were low rolling resistance tires.
SMARTWAY-verified tires must meet the rolling resistance targets established by SMARTWAY, to save trucking fleets fuel. SMARTWAY-verified tires can be used in federal grant projects and are required on SMARTWAY-certified tractors and trailers. Currently, SMARTWAY has established the rolling resistance target for the new OEM tires on the class 8 line haul trucks (heavy duty truck).


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